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We offer premium benefits to our valued employees.

Join the Team for Access!

When you become part of the Managed Staffing team, you gain access to world-class benefits, at attractive group-plan rates. Our benefits apply to you and your family. We understand the challenges of finding this kind of coverage on your own.

Our benefits include:

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Premium Health Insurance: A Promise of Excellence

Managed Staffing, Inc takes immense pride in offering an all-encompassing health insurance portfolio for its dedicated contingent workforce. Just 60 days from your joining date, you will find yourself eligible to explore and enroll in a plethora of plan options tailored just for you.

Diverse Medical Options Tailored to Your Needs

Eligible candidates can dive into two distinct medical plan types:

  1. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization): This is a haven for those seeking more comprehensive care, granting access to a broader network and offering greater flexibility in care and service selection. Whether you wish to stay within or venture out of the network, the PPO ensures your needs are met.
  2. EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization): For those aiming for straightforward, budget-friendly services, the EPO becomes an excellent choice. It is streamlined for individuals with basic medical requirements.
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Dental and Vision Choices for Holistic Care

Beyond the core medical services, Managed Staffing expands its offerings to encompass dental care. Participants can cherry-pick from:

  • A versatile dental plan addressing general dental needs.
  • An enhanced dental option that extends its services to include orthodontic procedures for both the young and mature.

Eyeing for perfect vision? Managed Staffing has you covered with a dedicated Vision savings plan. Through a single carrier, you are endowed with an expansive choice of eye care professionals to cater to your ocular needs.

Beyond Basic: Supplemental Insurance and Special Care Plans

We understand that every individual’s needs extend beyond just medical care. Hence, we present:

  • Options to enroll in Short and Long-Term Disability plans.
  • The provision to acquire additional Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD) insurance for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Flexible Medical and Dependent care plans, ideal for addressing expenses not encapsulated by standard insurance. These can include Co-pays, Co-insurance, deductibles, or even dependent childcare expenses.
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Secure Your Future with Managed Staffing’s 401k Offering

Looking to build a sturdy financial foundation for your golden years? Managed Staffing, Inc has architected an impeccable 401k scheme, assisting you in not just saving for retirement but also in optimizing your tax savings. Our stock option plans are meticulously curated and managed by premier retirement providers, ensuring your financial aspirations are in safe hands.

At Managed Staffing, Inc, whether it’s top-notch medical care or fortifying your financial future, we ensure that our offerings resonate with and address the unique needs of each member of our community. Join us, and let us navigate the path of comprehensive care and financial security together.