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Connecting you with ideal candidates for your business.

Experienced professionals handle you staffing needs.

In today’s competitive business landscape, swiftly and accurately identifying the right talent is the cornerstone of success. Managed Staffing stands out as a beacon of excellence in this realm, boasting a specialized recruitment procedure tailored to align with your distinct staffing objectives.


A sourcer will rapidly identify candidates who match the requirements from a large database of prospects, while carefully considering the appropriate background and skill set, as well as a client’s corporate culture and needs.


A recruiter assesses the suitability of candidates for the position, through our meticulous selection process, presenting only the sharpest candidates. Our formal assessment tools allow us to quickly and accurately determine the viability of a candidate, the first time!


Account managers will now continue to uphold our high standard of quality assurance by coordinating effectively with both the client and the candidate. This evaluation process includes reference and background checks, telephone interviews and additional screening techniques.
Once qualified, the candidate’s details are entered into our recruiting software. This allows us to communicate, track requirements, present viable candidates and manage day-to-day activities within the staffing business.

Tapping into Expertise for Optimal Recruitment Outcomes

When you collaborate with Managed Staffing, you’re not just enlisting a recruitment agency; you’re forging a partnership with seasoned recruitment professionals. These individuals bring to the table deep-rooted expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge, and a commitment to precision. They harness a blend of traditional strategies and cutting-edge proprietary tools, ensuring that the candidates delivered are not just qualified, but are the best fit for your specific requirements.
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A Commitment to Quality: Our Three-Pronged Assurance Process

At the heart of Managed Staffing’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value is our rigorous three-tiered quality assurance system. This process isn’t a mere formality—it’s a meticulous approach designed to weed out inefficiencies and ensure that only the top-tier candidates make their way to your doorstep.