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What Managed Staffing candidates want to know.

Job Seeker FAQs

How do I get a job assignment?

When a job request is received from a Client, Managed Staffing recruiters match candidates to the requirements. If your skills match and you pass the selection process, an offer will be extended to you.

How long are assignments?

Assignments vary in length. Periodically, an assignment can lead to a full-time position. Our recruiters will provide you with assignment details such as job description, compensation, site location and initial duration of the assignment.

How often does Managed Staffing pay its employees?

We pay our employees in accordance with the client’s pay schedule. This may vary from a weekly (52-weeks) to a bi-weekly (26 pay-periods) pay schedule. If you are a 1099 Contractor, you will be paid 14-days from Invoice.

Do I work for the client or Managed Staffing?

You work for Managed Staffing, so any questions relating to your pay, benefits, or policy should be directed to Managed Staffing RMA/Representative.

How does Managed Staffing pay its Employyees?

Managed Staffing pays its employees in accordance to the Client’s pay schedule. For your convenience we offer and recommend Direct Deposit. A save, fast and direct payment otherwise a check will be mailed to your address of record (may take 7-10 days for delivery).

How often and how do I report the time that I work?

You report hours worked on a weekly basis, regardless of the Client’s Payroll Schedule. There are three ways to report your time: (1) Thru Exponent/HR (Managed Staffing system of record), (2) Client’s Record Time-Keeping and/or (3) Manual Timesheets. Each Monday morning, following a work week, you must submit your time by 10am; any questions should be directed to your HRA/HR Representative.

What benefits am I eligible for?

Managed Staffing offers it’s employees a comprehensive Health Insurance Plan, which includes group-rate Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans. In addition, an employee may also select on a voluntarily bases, Short Term and Long Term Disability Plans and Life Insurance policy for self, spouse, and children. To be eligible you must be employed for 90-days and worked FT hours of 30 hours or more a week.

When can employees participate in the 401K?

Managed Staffing employee’s are eligible to participate in the non-match 401K Plan after 90-days of employment. For enrollment, please contact your HRA/HR Representative.

Does Managed Staffing provide paid leave to its employees?

Managed Staffing offers our employee’s competitive wages, as well as a other benefits, such as paid lave, sick leave, and holiday pay. However, you may be required to work a specified number of hours and/or weeks before you are eligible for some of these benefits. Each year, 50% of your accrual and unused paid leave will be forfeited. Please speak to your HRA/HR Representative for eligibility and more information.

When does Managed Staffing have open enrollment for medical and dental?

If you missed enrollment upon start, Open Enrollment is conducted once a year (normally in July) and it will run for two weeks; effective date will be August.

Does Managed Staffing provide sick/personal time?

Sick leave is available as required by law in certain states, and if you are a salaried employee and offered an extended benefits package, you will be eligible after 90-days of employment 24 hours of sick pay on an annual basis. Each year, a new set of hours is given to you (not to exceed 24-hours a year if standard, or 40 hours if state required (not all states require Sick Pay at this time)

Does Managed Staffing pay for client holidays?

Managed Staffing will pay certain employee’ s paid holiday, in accordance with the clients’ agreement.

What certifications does Managed Staffing have?

Managed Staffing is registered as a minority-owned business with NMSDC, (National Minority Supplier Development Council) and WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council).

Which types of immigration services does Managed Staffing provide?

Managed Staffing will work with you if you have any of the following: F-1 CPT and.or OPT, H1-B and TN Visa holders. For more information contact your HRA/HR Representative.

How often can I change my W-4 elections?

W4 allowances/elections can be made as often as you need, however keep in mind, you must submit your changes via a new W4 Form (this can also be done via Exponent/HR) and the change will take effect on the next pay cycle. If you have questions as to the number of allowances you should take, please contact a Tax Professional.

Are travel expenses paid for by the client or Managed Staffing?

Travel Expense reimbursement must be submitted via the Client Time-Keeping system and approved by Client prior to Managed Staffing reimbursement. Once the approve request has been received by Managed staffing, the turn-around time for reimbursement is normally 2-3 weeks via a paper check and will be mailed to your address of record.

Does Managed Staffing offered a Cafeteria Plan Section 125/pre-Tax Tax Saver Plan for Medical reimbursements?

Managed Staffing offers it’s employees FSA Medical and FSA Dependent Care through Discovery, and it is part of the Health and Welfare plans. For more information contact your HRA/HR Representative.

Do I lose my vacation accrual if I don’t use my vacation time?

Consultants are encouraged to use available vacation time for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. In the event that available vacation is not used by the end of the benefit year, consultants may carry over no more than 50% of earned vacation days per year, the next benefit year. The remaining balance will be forfeited.