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Tips to become successful in your first job in 60 days

Starting a new job on the right foot, especially the job you have been dreaming of is an essential part in an employee’s life. Coming off as professional and polished becomes very important. You would want your employer, colleagues, and manager to get an impression that they made an absolutely right decision by hiring you. You would want to send a message that you want to suffer and grow together.

Things to be questioned:

  1. What are your project goals within the time period of 30-90 days?
  2. How does your Employer appreciate to be communicated?
  3. What are your short term and long term goals in your department and overall organization?
  4. How does your department contribute in the growth of the organization?
  5. What efforts should be made by you to grow your value in the organization?

Actions to be taken:

  1. Grasp department growth, systems and processes
  2. Organize meetings with colleagues
  3. Evaluate organizations key objective
  4. Continuously ask for feedbacks on ways to contribute and furnish.
  5. Examine your work description and org charts

Things you should be clear on:

  1. Adding your value to the organization
  2. Strategic performance for your job
  3. Short and Long term goals
  4. Organizations and department’s mission and goals.
  5. Your performance expectations

Extra attention and tips:

  1. Infuse some early victories :

Infusing some early victories gives your colleagues and manager an assurance that you were the right choice. Concentrate on the important and small projects you can work on.

  1. Inspect the productivity of company processes :

Communicate and work with the boss to address any modifications that you can provide.

  1. Build relationships with colleagues :

Organize meetings with them, find ways to help them and connect with them.

  1. Adapt your new role :

Be flexible when it comes to your role, it may have changed since the interview, grow your skills in your key role and evolve with the new position.

  1. Visit other departments :

Improvise relationships, have an idea about how your organization works as a whole and how does your key role impact.

It’s always okay to take some time and learn and grasp your new role in the organization. It’s not important to get all the answers in one day, remember to take time to learn. New employees are always full of passion and excitement and increase the enthusiasm within the team. New employees should always be motivated to express their talent to everyone around. The most important thing is to evaluate why things are done in a certain way before you could come up with overall solutions.


Following these tips will certainly increase your value at your new job, go ahead and conquer it all.



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