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Your Intelligence Tools by the Hundreds

Using your Workforce based to gain valuable intelligence on your Competition and Clients.

Profiting from your intelligence insight, and when to hold or share your insight.

Competitive Intelligence, the key to being one step ahead in the game!

We all know and enjoy reading about the world of espionage, counter intelligence and the secretive lives of spies! From James Bond to Mission Impossible, the world and possibilism of Counter Intelligence are endless.

As Humans we have been playing I-Spy on each other since the boarders went up in the beginning of our time.

Thousands of years later we still want to know what is going on beyond the fence, at the door or under our feet and we have created plenty of ways of finding out.

I will admit I am a fanatic of spy shows, movies and books, spending my nights reading Brad Thor and Vince Flynn novels, immersing myself into this secretive world. As a Staffing Industry Member and analysist, I ask myself, how can the World of spies and counter intelligence benefit me in my current situation?

The most valuable thing to business professional is information along with industry intelligence, and how you use these tools to gain a competitive edge. One thing that we take for granted in the Staffing industry is our workforce, the foot soldiers we have by the hundreds. The first line of intelligence we can gain in regard to trends, business needs and Client insight, it is all in a cache of information lying within our own workforce. As Harvey Mackay said, “Your Workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of Business- and you can leverage that knowledge.”

Creating a procedure and sales tools to collect, track and analyze this “Competitive Intelligence”, is an empowerment to any organization, when done in an ethical way. Employee Management, retention and rewarding your top informers are key to a productive information gathering journey. Provide an easy and appealing process for your workers to contribute information.

Employee Intelligence is a complex business function which helps any organizations to maintain a powerful, integrated, productive, and healthy staff. Aim to find the right people and place them to the right position within your Clients, so this person can be maximally useful to your Staffing Company.

Choose your most seasoned workers as Client “Special Matter Experts”, build trust with them and open a direct line of communication. Every Staffing Company should have a handful of Workers at each Client site, that can not only train your new employee’s, but mingle in with the workers from your Competition to get insight, referrals and market data. Use your “Client Leads” to pass along information on your Client trends, production, announcements and marketing initiatives. Use your workforce to be a Lobbyist on your behalf, create a connection and dialog directly with hiring Managers through your workforce.

Use your Employee intelligence to gain the upper hand with your Client’s and potential sales leads. Information is power and a competitive edge in any sales meeting.

Follow up is key to Employee intelligence, survey’s, qualitive interviews, Social Media content, referral programs and evaluations are tools, don’t let them go to waste!

Boost your Employee Intelligence through proper Employee Management!



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