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Skills to upgrade your career graphs in 2019

The world of work is changing, and when there is change, there is an abundance of opportunities. With the latest reports after reports displaying that the world is changing faster than ever today, it’s equitable to assume that there is more opportunity than ever.

As new technologies are emerging, we have become more globally connected. This evidently means that the skills that we use now in a job might not be the same skills required in the future.

Managed staffing has listed down the most essential skills that you would require in the present as well as future workspace. Learning these skills will help you stay ahead of change and make the most of all that opportunity in 2019.

1.Mental Elasticity and Complex Problem Solving:

The future brings about opportunity and problems that have never been faced, seen or experienced before.

To analyze and solve the futuristic problems, one must possess mental flexibility to think outside the box.

What makes you different from the crowd is seeing the big picture and rearranging things in order to find a solution. The good news here is developing this skill highly simple. Practice is the key to, the more complicated problems you tackle, the more your brains start to blend with it.

2.Critical Thinking:


Technology may be enabled and automated and could take over all the boring jobs in the future, but what technology cannot do is critical thinking for yourself. Therefore critical thinking is a valuable skill that needs to be developed over the years in your job career. Strong critical thinking upgrades your career graphs not only for the present but also for a long future. 

Constantly analyzing various situations, finding multiple solutions and taking a decision through logic and reasoning is what will evolve your skills in this area.



Creativity is a skill that evolves from critical thinking.

The more creative skill you develop, the less likely it is for any robot to take over your job. Robots might be good at calculating and diagnosing problems better than you but what they can’t do is create original content, think outside the box, logical reasoning and being abstract.


Science and technology have taken over the world, engineering and math jobs have a higher scope in the market today, but do not expect them to go away in future, these skills will remain essential even in the long run. Having more advanced skills as technology progresses will always keep you ahead in the game.

 Learn to code to keep up your STEM skills.

Argumentation is an also an important part in STEM fields, which usually means, using analytical and critical-thinking skills to look for patterns in data, trying to determine what those patterns mean, and then using that data to support a claim.



If you’re aware of STEM then you’re would have probably heard of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud). Exciting, isn’t it?

SMAC is the concept that uses social interactions, mobile, and analytics-driven by cloud technologies and Big Data to simplify customer experiences and boost productivity.

The pillars of SMAC create an ecosystem helping organizations, improve operations and better interact with their customers while keeping overhead costs low.

6.Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

The future career demands you to extract information from many vastly different fields and come up with creative solutions for problems that might arise in the future. This skill is easy to develop and one of the easiest ways is to read as many books as you can that interest you.

The four pillars of Interdisciplinary typically are: Knowledge, Research, Education, and Theory


Soft Skills



Leadership is an essential part of your soft skills.

 Leadership quality always revolves around taking initiative in getting the work done.

Ray, the co-founder of a payroll staffing agency in Dallas states that leadership quality is always appreciated in a work environment and undoubtedly takes your career graphs to the next level.


It’s not a secret that good communication skill is a way to success.

Some of the ways to strengthen your communication skills are:

  • Communications appear in many forms, which includes words as well as actions. Establish trust with your word and behavior.
  • Try not to monopolize the conversations. Being a good listener is the art of good communication
  • Be clear with your words, don’t speak for the sake of it. Your words should have a meaning and should convey that meaning to your partner.
  • Be consistent.


We know that success is a product of the kind of people we are around. Not just at the time of success, but also leading up to it as well. Creating an environment where you network and collaborate with people that help you on to greatness.

To get started is to start being comfortable and better when talking to new people.

Don’t wait for an important event, practice at home, office. Local shop, gym and learn the art of collaboration.

4.Time Management

Time management can affect your career success more than you realize. The way you allocate your time for can have a direct impact on the quality of work and the output that’s produced making a huge impact on your success. Not managing your time effectively will keep you constantly in motion, trying to complete the task in the last moment.

Whereas good time management skills can have a positive impact on your performance, like No more missed or shoddy work, reduced stress, improved decision-making abilities and fewer missed opportunities

Don’t wait for the right time, the sooner you start the better you’re likely to get. Managed staffing, a recruitment agency in Dallas believes that learning new skills not only gives you a successful career but also increases your self-confidence. Dig dipper on the above topics, shape your skills and you will see that there’re no looking back for you.




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