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Time for a Change: 5 Ways Women Can Switch Careers This Year

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By Julie Morris

Do you dream of running your own business, getting that big promotion, or having the flexibility to work remotely from home? If so, this could be the year you take your career to the next level. Switching jobs could be just what you need to improve your prospects, your finances, and your life. Keep reading for some actionable tips on how today’s working women can change careers.

Start Your Own Business


According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise. With nearly 12 million U.S. firms now female-owned, prospects are promising for women looking to start a business. If you have a 12 million, now’s the perfect time to put it into action.

Start by meeting with a business mentor and writing up a business plan. You can Google “free business plan templates” to find one you like. For additional help, you might visit your local Small Business Association, which provides business resources and free mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Launch a Website

Whether you’re starting a business or trying to share your resume and showcase your talents, a website will help you reach as many people as possible. Your first step in developing a site is to find a hosting service. Try to find a reliable, affordable web hosting provider that meets your needs. SiteGround, for example, is a hosting firm that provides numerous hosting solutions (WordPress, cloud, etc.) and a variety of hosting plans to match your budget and traffic expectations. For instance, a shared hosting server will work for your online portfolio or resume page. For a larger business, however, you may require a dedicated server to handle your site’s size and traffic.

Consider a STEM Career


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Careers in STEM fields are booming right now, with double the rate of job growth compared to all non-STEM fields. As if that isn’t enticing enough, women in STEM jobs earn 35 percent more money than other women, according to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t fret. Plenty of artists, designers, and creatives work in tech. Even Apple founder, Steve Jobs, never wrote a line of computer code. Of course, coding remains an in-demand skill, especially in the STEM industry. If you do know how to code, it will be easier for you to find a job in this exciting field.

If you’re interested in learning to code, you have plenty of options. Start with free online tutorials, including sites like,, and even YouTube video tutorials. If you can afford it, a paid coding bootcamp might be an even better option. Not only will you experience a guided course with expert instructors to help answer your questions, but some code bootcamps offer job placement assistance after you graduate. Some organizations, like Flatiron School, even have free classes so you can try before you buy.

Work with a Staffing Firm

A professional recruiter or staffing firm like Managed Staffing can help boost your prospects. You might Google local resources in your area, or try searching LinkedIn. For best results, search for people with “staffing” or “recruiter” in their job title. You can also help recruiters find you by updating your LinkedIn profile, including your work history, current job title, and a few paragraphs summarizing your knowledge and experiences.

Professional recruiters and staffing agencies review your resume and match you with potential jobs. They sometimes even provide interview tips to help seal the deal.

Prioritize and Plan

If you’re a working woman, you wear a lot of hats. You might be a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a working professional, a partner, wife, or a mother. You might even hold all of these titles simultaneously.

Through careful planning and prioritization, it’s possible to balance your professional and personal life and achieve the career of your dreams. As Beyonce once said, you can “balance [your] passions while remaining a supportive partner and mother.” The first step is to decide what future you’d like to build. Once you have that clarity, you can update your resume, then work with recruiters or business mentors to help you get there.



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