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How to find a right staffing agency to meet your specific human capital needs?

Do what you are best at and let others take care of rest such as hiring the right talent. In a very competitive business environment, the aforementioned mantra has to be adopted by companies and must focus on their core competencies. To fulfill the human resource demand, engaging a staffing agency would be really a beneficial proposition. However, before hiring a staffing agency, the following points have to be kept in mind so the right recruitment partner is on board.

i. The Ways of Screening:
What you hire becomes you post-hiring and that means one should be extra careful while inducting a new resource. The process of screening the candidate is very crucial for the business to know that what kind of human capital is added by the staffing company. The companies before zeroing in on the staffing agency should take a closer look on the screening process. The review of the screening process of staffing agency should establish that the agency would bring the resources aligned with the needs and standards of the company.

ii. Prior Experience
The industry expertise of the staffing agency is one of the very import factors to be taken care while appointing. It is always an advantage if the staffing agency has worked on meeting the similar resource requirements for other companies. Apart from that, the effort and time to make staffing agency understand your exact needs reduces significantly.

iii. Representation
The staffing agency must be equipped well to facilitate the smooth exchange of information without any loss of communication or ambiguity. The agency should be able to deploy an efficient spoc or account manager to facilitate the process of staffing solutions. The companies should clarify and ensure that the efficient account manager is in place to have a beneficial collaboration.

iv. Clientele
Although it’s important to check qualification of current on previous clients for the staffing agency has work for. This knowledge offers a fast way to get to know that the agency is capable of handling the similar requirements. The individual qualification and expertise of team members of the recruitment agency would also be a good way to assess the capabilities.

With the right staffing agency that has a very sophisticated hiring process of finding high-quality, talented human resources, the company can focus on growing its business by leaps and bounds. “Time and cost saving are additional benefits a company can derive by engaging expert staffing agency,” says Ray Jaffery, VP & Co-founder of Managed Staffing Inc. He further adds that if a company wishes to set us its recruitment team of high caliber equivalent to agencies like ours, it takes a huge cost and is a long time process.

Therefore, it is in the interest of the business to engage a recruitment firm but keeping in mind
the point mentioned in this blog.



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