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Veterans Work force Program


Managed Staffing has developed a specialized Corporate Social Responsibility programs, including our Unique Veterans Workforce programs where we team up with local and National Veterans Outreach Programs working with State and Federal agencies to Source, Train and Transition current military personnel and veterans back into the workforce.
Veterans in the United States are the most under-served community in workforce development. While the focus of many Veteran Agencies at the federal, state and local level has been to provide good medical care and benefits, the process of assimilating them into the civilian workforce as self-sufficient, working professionals has been largely lacking.
Highlights from the BLS 2017 data:

  • The unemployment rate for male veterans (3.6 percent) declined over the year, and the rate for female veterans (4.1 percent) changed little in 2017. The unemployment rate for male veterans was not statistically different from the rate for female veterans.
  • Among the 370,000 unemployed veterans in 2017, 59 percent were age 25 to 54, 37 percent were age 55 and over, and 4 percent were age 18 to 24.
  • Veterans with a service-connected disability had an unemployment rate of 4.3 percent in August 2017, little different from veterans with no disability (4.5 percent).
  • About 1 in 3 employed veterans with a service-connected disability worked in the public sector in August 2017, compared with about 1 in 5 veterans with no disability.
  • In 2017, the unemployment rate of veterans varied across the country, ranging from 1.7 percent in Maine and Vermont to 7.3 percent in Rhode Island.

Among the problems cited by Veterans’ groups is that the skills a service member acquires in the military do not always transfer to the civilian world. What’s missing, they said, is often a system of certification that tells an employer that the veteran has the skills and knowledge to meet the job requirements. The absence of training opportunities continues to hamper the veterans in transitioning smoothly to the civilian workforce.



Managed Staffing Veterans Workforce Development Program will provide companies with the following benefits:

  • Qualified and trained IT and Non-IT professionals that can take on the normal Business responsibilities in the company’s Business Objectives.
  • Access to Current and Ex-Military personnel who hold low to high level Security Clearances verified by referring Government Agency.
  • Access to disciplined, reliable and motivated individuals that can take on the most challenging assignments within the organization with very unique skill qualifications that only Military Trained Personnel can obtain.
  • Opportunity to meet the company’s diversity and social objectives while giving an opportunity for veterans to pursue their dreams as productive citizens in the US workforce.
  • The U.S Department of Labor offers special recognition and grants for Corporations that hire Veterans as well as incentives and tax credits through the Special Employer Incentives (SEI) program.


  • Find Current and Ex Military personnel who are have come back from deployment and looking for an opportunity in their specialized field of expertise.
  • Team up with Local, State and federal agencies to refer Veterans to our clients based off of their expertise and skills. We are committed with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs to hire over 250 Veterans by the end of 2018 and will work with our clients to help us obtain this goal.
  • Train these individuals according to our client needs.
  • Provide Transitioning counseling into Private Sector Workforce.
  • Place them into the Business Needs and Projects at our client’s site.
  • Expand Our Veterans Program Nation Wide to all current and prospective clients by the end of 2018. We are working with these agencies to provide valuable feedback about Veterans job growth, recognize companies committed to Veteran’s hiring, and continue ongoing training and discussion groups to better optimize the program, the goals and initiatives.


  • Texas Work force Commissions
  • Dallas County Veterans Affairs Department and Services
  • Texas Veterans Commission
  • JCEP (National Guard- Job Connection Education Program)
  • Texas Veterans Leadership Program
  • University of Phoenix
  • Texas Work Force Solutions
  • United States Army
  • United States Marines Corp
  • National Guard
  • Broward College
  • S Department of veterans Affairs
  • VECI
  • Veterans Workforce investments Program
  • ACAP
  • Veterans administration
  • United States Department of labor
  • Local State and National Veterans Services Programs

At Managed Staffing we strive to find the most cost effective, innovative, unique and beneficial Corporate Responsibility Programs to help us deliver the best business practices possible, that are unique to today’s market place.  Our Goal is to make a partnership with the ability to sustain the innovative process which is a significant challenge in today’s high-pressure business environment

Our Veterans Workforce program will help Managed Staffing deliver opportunity to our clients the talent to meet their company’s diversity and social objectives, while giving an opportunity to veterans to pursue their dreams as productive citizens in the US workforce. I look forward to making this program a success with you and helping Managed Staffing increase our social responsibility foot print within our community. Please let me know if you have any questions, and again we thank you for your business.

Brad Shaver



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